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Female Friendly

According to research, nearly 40% of car owners are female. In the UK there are over 15 million motorists women. The research shows that the expectations of women towards vehicle workshops, are different than men. To meet these needs, we would like to provide a service in which women have full confidence, entrust their car to us knowing that all necessary maintenance work will be carried out in a professional manner. From our customers feedback, we know that often repairing a car was not a pleasant experience due to the way ladies are treated in some workshops. Often subjected to unprofessional service, frivolous approach, and sometimes also financial exploitation by unscrupulous cowboys, women either avoid personal visits to service centres, or were forced to use help of their husbands, partners or colleagues.

 At GG MOTORS AutoCare this won’t be necessary. We guarantee that at our workshop all customers are treated in a consistent, professional manner. Our goal is to exceed expectations of our customers, regardless of their gender and technical knowledge. Here every customer receives full professional information communicated in a precise, clear and understandable manner, repair costs are dependent on actual work done, and not the gender of the client or his/her technical knowledge of the modern vehicle technology. Rest assured, that your every question will be answered, and that safety of your family is our top priority.

Female Friendly

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